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“Asking the proper questions is the central action of transformation.” ~ C.P. Estes

During our 30-year history providing technology solutions to businesses, we have never forgotten this principle. You can rest assured that when you partner with T2,  our experienced team and refined assessment processes will accurately identify your organizational needs. While we have a variety of ways in which we use technology, our primary mission is to provide an ideal solution to meet your organization’s goals.

Through collaborative inquiry we identify:

  • How your processes currently function
  • What challenges you face in meeting goals
  • Which transformations will provide the best solutions

We champion a customer-first mentality

This is at the heart of all we do. Our refusal to accept a one-size-fits-all approach allows us to provide successful transformations to partners nationwide. While some technology consulting firms may have a personal stake in the products they recommend, we maintain a vendor-neutral stance. We base our recommendations on your specific needs. Each of our team members will work with your organization closely to meet your business goals.

T2 delivers transformational business solutions

We invite you to explore our services and read about our previous partners’ experiences. You will see that we have served a broad range of industries, including healthcare, finance, insurance, pharmacy, education, and government.


Mission & Vision

Our Purpose

Since our founding in 2006, T2 Tech has represented expertise, trust, quality and partnership.

Our mission is to provide innovative technology solutions to meet our clients’ overall goals. We strengthen organizations by leveraging an experienced team, providing unbiased solutions, and using a proven methodology. We envision ourselves as the premier partner of technology consulting — bridging business and technology while enabling clients to achieve their full potential for those they serve.


What We Do

Our Value

T2 Tech manages strategic and complex technology projects for modern business transformation. Clients turn to us to assess, design, and implement their most pressing modernization initiatives, with outcomes that improve their overall competitive advantage.

  • We provide the tools, processes, and solutions to realize the value of your enterprise technology investments.
  • We empower you with the technology that makes your business transformation meaningful for your workforce and valuable for your board of directors and executive leadership.
  • We strengthen your resilience so you’re ready for the next threat, helping you build around identity, avoid costly continuity interruptions and make enterprise vulnerability detection, auditing and compliance easier.



Our Executive Leadership

Managing Partner
Kevin Torf
Leigh Sleeman
Kyle Torf


Chief People & Culture Officer
Gill Torf
Jeff Darcy
Chief Financial Officer
Danish Khanna

Let's Work Together

Our team is ready to support your organization and provide real value to your transformation.

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We’re Transformation Realized.

T2 Tech realizes the transformational projects that achieve your organization’s strategic objectives with a team of experienced technology consultants. We manage your most pressing modernization initiatives, implementing the right mix of technology and processes to deliver solutions that last. T2 Tech doesn’t merely talk about the value of transformation. We’re the team that makes transformation valuable.

Companies turn to us to assess, design, and implement their business’s most pressing modernization initiatives, with outcomes that make their team’s job easier and their results more meaningful. From sensitive challenges like hospital application deployments and enhancing enterprise network security to the complex issues facing modern companies, like virtualization and data center migration, we help companies overcome their technology challenges with tailor-made solutions that last.

  • 200+

    Satisfied clients

  • $5.6M

    Average savings per Enterprise project

  • 97.8%

    Satisfaction rating

  • 55%

    Business from referrals

T2 Tech is a Practice within T2 Group.

T2 Group delivers business solutions across all industries with practice areas offering solutions in technology consulting, project management, clinical lab testing, workforce augmentation, and more, in industries ranging from healthcare, finance, insurance, pharmacy, education, and government.

We champion a customer-first mentality.  We support these efforts by empowering our team to provide the best service for your business. We’re T2. Solutions Realized.