Senior Software Developer
Senior Software Developer

Trevor Manne

Trevor Manne is a senior software developer with over 15 years of IT experience. He has proven expertise utilizing a variety of programming languages, frameworks, databases and applications, such as C#, Java, .NET and Structure Query Language (SQL). Over his career, Trevor has designed critical systems that enable T2 Tech Group to consistently deliver timely and cost-effective solutions for large healthcare organizations.

Trevor is currently working with a partner company to create a software application to support a remote workforce business model. This proprietary software program will afford companies the security and flexibility to either relocate their current work force or recruit dynamic teams to provide specific services that might traditionally be performed on site. He works with project leads to determine the proposed operational feasibility by evaluating analysis, problem definition and solution requirements. In addition, he confers with end users, studies systems flow, data usage, and work processes to investigate problem areas throughout the software development lifecycle.

Previously at T2 Tech, Trevor launched a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) workstation monitoring device to analyze the latency of clients’ networks. He was responsible for the analysis and development of the tool, which is used to report user login times and detect any network issues that are affecting clients’ monitoring systems.

Trevor has also designed, coded and implemented the software necessary for T2 Alert Insight, a visual IT notification system that aggregates system alerts and quickly focuses support resources on critical IT issues. T2 Alert Insight is used by T2 Tech’s clients to help simplify IT systems monitoring for their organizations.

Prior to joining T2 Tech, Trevor worked with numerous technology organizations, ranging from IT start-ups to large enterprises. Most recently, he worked for NeuroCompo Systems, Inc. as a software designer. Trevor was responsible for the design and development of medical software used to assess and monitor the health of chronically ill patients.

Trevor graduated from the University of South Africa with a degree in Datametrics. He holds a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification.