With the digitalization of sensitive data recorded at hospitals, the risk of data breaches targeted towards health care data is increasing. The increased spread of malicious software (malware) means there is a high chance for cyber threats and data breaches if one is unaware of the current state of development. Even though the industry uses high-tech solutions, the staff involved in the healthcare industry has less knowledge of the security risks and threats around the world. Unintentional actions and negligence of employees can cause many security risks to the entire system.

According to HIPAA Journal:

  • 2,550 severe data breaches have occurred within the last decade
  • 89% of healthcare providers have suffered data breaches in the past 2 years
  • 189 million patient records on healthcare databases have been compromised

Why is IT security important for the Healthcare industry?

The Healthcare industry belongs to Industries Most Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks in 2021, according to CDNetworks. The industry faces at least one data breach every day, the most common attack being ransomware attacks, where attackers request a ransom to release the organization’s compromised confidential data.

In the healthcare sector, the cause for this frequency of data breaches is unpatched vulnerabilities in their operating systems or the use of legacy hardware and software.
The ultimate goal of providing IT security is to have the following key concepts maintained for data at rest, data at transit, and data in use.

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability
  • Accountability
  • Authentication

There are significant consequences to a poor IT security plan, including loss of reputation and trust, severe penalties for compliance failures, and devastating legal repercussions.  T2 Tech has established itself as a premier healthcare organization hospital. Through our 30+ years of executive experience, we have identified some of the most common mistakes:

  • Using a single database to store all data
  • No segregations of data
  • Having no proper access control mechanisms applied
  • Neglecting human error
  • No having proper awareness sessions or training for employees
  • Not spending on the security infrastructure of the organization (i.e. believe it to be ineffective spending)
  • Not updating operating systems and supporting software adequately and timely
  • Not implementing proper policies for passwords, incident management, and data recovery
  • Not having backups of critical info

How to Avoid Critical Security Issues

T2 partners with you provide a comprehensive IT security assessment, where we test key security infrastructure weaknesses and evaluate security processes and procedures to identify all of your existing vulnerabilities. This assessment complies with industry-standards like the PCI and HIPAA compliance so that solutions provided are up-to-date and accurate.

Service Breakdowns

  • Internal & external vulnerability and network pen testing
  • Application penetration testing
  • Mobile device security testing
  • E-mail (phishing), social, and phone-based social engineering
  • Security policies and procedures analysis

The assessment report will give an overview of raw data and countermeasure recommendations to fix the vulnerabilities found. We include options for guidance and budgetary projects for exposure and disclosure reduction. We can then assist your organization by planning and designing a strategy to tackle these challenges.

Finally, we help see projects through after designing the adoption roadmap to ensure your established advantages are received. We can implement these solutions with our project managers and subject matter experts. This is all done with a highly effective hybrid-agile project management methodology that keeps everything on time and on budget.

Every organization has its own set of challenges and there can never be a one-size-fits-all approach. We’ll tailor our solutions to your exact needs and maintain a vendor-neutral stance so that we maintain flexibility in our options to help you achieve your goals.



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