Los Angeles, CA – April 20, 2020 – Hospitality Company Re-Employs and Recruits More Than 100 Personnel Within Hours to Respond to the Call to Help Schedule COVID-19 Testing

In response to the New York State Department of Health’s call for help scheduling appointments for residents to receive COVID-19 testing, Tyme Global Technologies, the largest provider of remote services to hotels in New York, immediately pivoted its business focus from hospitality to healthcare to re-employ, train and fully deploy more than 100 staff members within 48 hours. Through its long-standing partnership with T2 Tech Group, an industry-leading IT consulting, advisory and project management services provider, Tyme Global was positioned with the technology infrastructure and staffing to begin conducting outbound calls to thousands of New Yorkers to schedule COVID-19 tests.

“While the hospitality industry shuttered almost overnight in light of COVID-19, we had an incredibly talented team whom we wanted to find opportunities for,” said Ryan Levin, CEO of Tyme Global Technologies. “We explored our current and former staff databases and reached out to our partner T2 Tech Group, who was instrumental in tapping into its large network of healthcare executives throughout the country to identify furloughed healthcare support personnel to step into these roles. In a matter of days with the right resources to reach talented personnel and the infrastructure in place, we were able to re-employ, train and deploy dozens of people with this new line of meaningful work.”

T2 Tech was a vital partner in advising Tyme Global on the business and technology considerations, and integration of systems to support the shift in business, ensuring solid connectivity, processes and scalability to accommodate thousands of additional remote employees, when needed.

Kevin Torf, Managing Partner of T2 Tech Group, said, “We’re proud to partner with and advise Tyme Global on the shift to make a meaningful difference right now. Because of this immediate pivot, Tyme Global has remained resilient during this pandemic and reinvented its business to not only stay relevant, but to literally help save lives. When you bridge technology and people together, incredible outcomes can be achieved.”

Levin continued, “Critical to the success of this pivot was leveraging T2 Tech’s deep understanding of the healthcare industry, IT infrastructure needs, and in-depth remote workforce development. When combining that expertise with Tyme Global’s experience, management and resourcing efficiencies, we were well-positioned to provide staffing rapidly.”

While the first deployment of this new remote call team is focused on New York, Tyme Global and T2 Tech are poised and ready to help industries, state and local governments, hotels and hospitals across the country with remote turnkey services, secure technology infrastructure, and access to experienced and available remote employees, working from the safety of their homes now and as virtual workforces continue to evolve moving forward.

Some of Tyme Global’s hotel clients have converted their premises to house healthcare workers, quarantined patients, and even overloaded hospital beds. As a further step in assisting with the pandemic, Tyme Global’s operators also manage these hotels’ call traffic to assist internal and external people with any information and assistance needed.


About Tyme Global Technologies

Tyme Global Technologies is a New York-based company that specializes in software and communications solutions for the hospitality industry. With a combined 40+ years of hotel experience and servicing more than 400 hotels with their technological and amenity requirements, its management team understands how to provide a quality guest experience. Tyme Global specializes in remote services such as pbx operators, guest service agents, data entry and email inbox management, text messaging, room service order taking, restaurant reservations, website livechat, and traditional hotel reservation phone calls.  Tyme Global also has their own back of house and guest ticketing software called HotelExpert, and also offers Voice over IP PBX and backup voice solutions. For more information, visit tymeglobal.com.

About T2 Tech Group

T2 Tech Group is a leader in the practical application of technology for healthcare and a range of other industries. Since 2006, T2 Tech has consistently delivered quality consulting and management advisory services to executives and IT leaders. The T2 Tech team balances business and IT needs, uses a proven methodology, oversees projects from assessment to post-implementation and practices transparency in everything they do. For additional information, visit: t2techgroup.com, or visit T2 Tech Group on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.