Los Angeles, Calif. — June 21, 2017 — IT helpdesks need to quickly answer and triage problems, incidents and service requests. To help organizations quickly cut through the noise, T2 Tech Group (T2 Tech) developed T2 Alert Insight – a real-time visual notification system with a centralized dashboard and customized email alerts. The consulting group is offering T2 Alert Insight wherever visual notifications bring value to IT teams, and they’re willing to package up the hardware and software required for the product and implement it in client environments.

The new IT support management tool aggregates alerts from any IT system in real-time. The algorithm developed by T2 Tech’s software engineering team actively parses system alerts to provide a visible system status with ambient LED lighting system. To facilitate timely response and resolution, the unmistakable cues of the lighting system effectively alert IT support teams of issues that need immediate attention.

By default, T2 Alert Insight is configured to support three lighting colors and system states: red – urgent, yellow – warning, and green – all systems normal. These defaults can be easily altered or replaced with an unlimited combination of custom lighting colors and system states to meet unique requirements.

Along with the LED lighting notifications, the tool provides a centralized dashboard with current system status, key alerts and a running log of past issues for each IT system, so support staff can identify trends and further evaluate recurring issues. Custom email notifications can also be configured for delivery to any recipient. By aggregating system alerts and prioritizing system notifications, T2 Alert Insight cuts through the clutter of excessive IT alerts with focused, relevant email notifications.

Within a data center, the solution’s ambient LED lighting system can illuminate each server cabinet with customized color. If a system experiences an issue, the lights in the cabinet containing the problem system turn red to quickly allow technicians to identify the system’s physical location. When issues arise, IT management and support teams are immediately aware of the problem and can work actively to resolve it, even before users call in or submit a ticket.

There are many use cases for T2 Alert Insight in today’s world of enterprise IT. The consulting company pictures it as the perfect complement for new or existing helpdesk support centers or as a notification tool in large and small data centers, where LED lighting systems can be installed in each cabinet and quickly notify data center personnel.