REDONDO BEACH, CA – October 28, 2014 – T2 Tech Group, a leading provider of information technology consulting services, today announced the launch of a new blog dedicated to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). The blog will serve as a platform to share and discuss the latest information about VDI. T2 Tech will be publishing advice and technical insights on the blog, and will provide a dedicated question and answer form, which anyone can use to submit questions to T2 Tech’s VDI engineers – free of charge. The goal is to build a vibrant VDI community that regularly contributes to valuable VDI discussions.

The blog will be written and moderated by David Maynard and Victor DiMascio, two of T2 Tech’s Senior Virtualization Architects. Both David and Victor have approximately 20 years of experience virtualizing applications and desktops. They have designed and implemented VDI environments for leading Fortune 500 companies across multiple industry segments to support as many as 30,000 users. David and Victor are Citrix Certified Instructors with in-depth Citrix consulting experience, and expert-level Citrix certifications.

“We are excited to begin giving away information and answering pertinent questions about VDI best practices, including recent VDI optimizations that David and Victor have developed in-house,” said Kevin Torf, Managing Partner at T2 Tech. “I have worked with hundreds of engineers over the years; David and Victor are, without a doubt, two of the best VDI engineers in the country. With their contributions, I have no doubt that the VDI blog will continue spur meaningful VDI conversations and provide value to organizations who are in the midst of VDI testing or implementation.”

T2 Tech Tech Group continues to manage some of the most prestigious healthcare VDI projects in the country. Recent projects include a 2,000-user, Citrix-based VDI implementation for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and a 2,000-user, VMware-based VDI implementation for Kootenai Health.