Los Angeles, Calif. — November 16, 2017 — To aid healthcare organizations needing to shift to a variety of modern data center solutions, T2 Tech Group™ (T2 Tech) developed a methodology for migrating healthcare organizations’ applications with minimal operational disruption and risks. As detailed in T2 Tech’s recently published application migration methodology white paper, the approach calls for an upfront migration assessment along with a five-step process that teams can follow to migrate one or multiple application groups at a time. It has been implemented in leading US healthcare institutions and has the ability to restructure the way organizations migrate to updated infrastructure platforms and models.

The methodology was developed to accommodate the complex needs of healthcare. As healthcare providers continue to compile more electronic data and rely heavily on IT infrastructure, CIOs are evaluating the shift towards a variety of modern data center solutions, including remote hosting and cloud services. However, the process of executing that strategy and moving applications is a major obstacle to overcome.

Even the smallest hospitals can host hundreds of unique applications in a 24X7, always-on environment. Therefore, it can be a challenge to efficiently move these various applications that have different vendor sources, application types, ages, infrastructure requirements, operating systems and versions. By providing a repeatable best-practices strategy for organizations to group their applications and then migrate them efficiently, the methodology provides a way for organizations to avoid operational disruption and save on costs when moving to a new computing platform.

“T2 Tech Group is committed to the mission of enabling our healthcare partners to provide the best care possible for the communities they serve,” said Kevin Torf, the consulting firm’s managing partner. “Our application migration methodology was developed and used to aid leading healthcare institutions as they update their IT environments. It is a valuable addition to our toolset of proven processes and client resources.”

In addition to the application migration methodology, T2 Tech also utilizes a hybrid-agile methodology that its project managers adapted to meet the needs of largescale IT infrastructure projects. For those looking to migrate their applications or gain a free consultation on an upcoming technology transformation project, more information on their application migration methodology is available here and T2 Tech can be reached at info@t2techgroup.com.