REDONDO BEACH, CA – February 17, 2016 – T2 Tech Group, a leading provider of information technology consulting services, announced the launch of Project Hollywood, a real-time visual notification system that makes monitoring the status of any new or existing IT system easier than ever before. Project Hollywood is capable of working with any current IT monitoring products that have the ability to provide email notifications.

When implemented in Data Centers or Help Desk Support Centers, it alerts staff to changes in IT system status with a change in ambient LED lighting. Steve Garske, Ph.D., CIO at Kootenai Health who had the original release, said, “Project Hollywood has been an effective visual notification system at Kootenai Health, providing immediate visibility into issues and allowing us to proactively monitor and maintain our IT environment.”

These unmistakable real-time lighting cues, allow the appropriate IT support team to be notified immediately of a change in operation status. Support staff can then begin resolving problems in the most efficient and timely manner possible.

With Project Hollywood, T2 Tech has the capability to provide additional customization of lighting colors and other alerts to meet a customer’s specific needs. This includes an integrated centralized dashboard displaying current system status, key alerts and a log of past issues. Another feature is its capacity to create custom email notifications configured for delivery to any recipient. Project Hollywood can be implemented easily allowing for the system to be up and running within hours.

Taken as a whole, Project Hollywood cuts through the noise of excessive IT alerts with focused real-time notifications that enable data centers and help desks to work more efficiently and businesses to experience more stability in their systems.

Kevin Torf, Managing Partner at T2 Tech, is encouraged by the value Kootenai Health has derived from the product and is excited to offer the Project Hollywood to other T2 Tech customers free for one year. You can request the product by going to the Project Hollywood product page.