Los Angeles, Calif. – May 11, 2017 – Avoiding business interruption and using resources efficiently are integral elements of implementing technology changes. To better serve its clients, vendor agnostic IT consulting firm T2 Tech Group recently made a multimillion-dollar investment in a powerful onsite data center called the T2 Tech Lab. This lab will streamline IT changes by allowing clients to rehearse complex IT implementations without having to invest resources and time in loaner equipment.
As a vendor-agnostic team, T2 Tech must work with a vast array of technologies. With the T2 Tech Lab, the team can build and test the industry’s best technology, allowing them to provide clients with a pilot environment before going live.

By rehearsing IT implementations in a pilot environment, organizations can mitigate the risks involved in technology changes. Normally, it can require a costly investment in time and other resources to assemble a pilot environment, but with the T2 Tech lab, clients have instant access to the equipment necessary for rehearsing the most challenging IT implementations.

The lab uses hardware from leading manufacturers, and T2 Tech’s clients can use the lab at no extra cost. One of the company’s current healthcare clients is leveraging the lab to help streamline a data center migration. For the relocation, the organization needs to test out the different methods of migrating each application and the time and effort it would take to move them.

Using the lab, the team will try different methods of copying and moving data and see what the different results are. Then, they will determine how long it takes and how to migrate without user disruption. The piloting will allow the team to see if they need to update or make any changes before implementation, and it will help streamline the data center migration and minimize business impact.

From the perspective of T2 Tech’s engineering team, the lab provides a great opportunity to learn more about optimally leveraging the latest technology for clients. The lab brings a hands-on staging environment in-house and is one of the many tools T2 Tech has to ensure its engineers efficiently solve their clients’ biggest challenges.

We recently made a multi-million dollar investment in the T2 Tech Lab,” said T2 Tech Managing Partner Kevin Torf. “With the new onsite data center, we can simulate enterprise-scale IT environments, pilot solutions, reduce change-related risks, and save clients time and resources. This capability will be free for clients to use and significantly adds to our large toolset.”