Los Angeles, Calif. – Sept. 28, 2016 – Leveraging his extensive CIO experience, T2 Tech partner Marty Miller will direct a panel discussion at the 6th Annual Privacy and Security Forum hosted by the Southern California Chapter of HIMSS.

The SoCal HIMSS is one of more than 50 affiliated chapters of HIMSS, the largest healthcare information systems professional organization in the nation.

“T2 Tech is excited to be a part of this educational opportunity,” said Kevin Torf, Managing Partner at T2 Tech Group. “The panel discussion on building a successful security framework helps promote a mission to connect healthcare leaders and foster professional development.”

The forum will provide a chance for healthcare IT leaders to collaborate and address the pressing subject of IT security. With more than 200 registered attendees, the event will take place at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, CA.

The panel will focus on developing a successful security framework and include the following experts:

  • Bryan Kissinger— VP, Information Technology Risk Management and Chief Information Security Officer, Sharp HealthCare
  • Tamer Azmy— Cyber Security Operations Manager, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
  • Gary Gooden— Chief Information Security Officer, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Nolan Garrett— Chief Information Security Officer, Verity Health System

Based on insights he gained while acting as CIO for multiple leading health systems, Marty Miller will lead a discussion where panelists collaborate on the latest security threats and techniques to incorporate into a security program.

Drawing from years of experience, the panelists will discuss how they have guided IT security initiatives such as the following: implementing backup solutions, recovering and identifying compromised data, integrating a methodology into an organizational framework, performing IT security assessments, and allocating resources for IT security.

In addition to a focused analysis of security trends and strategy, Marty Miller and the presenters will also cover how they mobilized changes through continuous communication with executive teams and board members.

As an IT consulting firm, security is a pivotal topic in T2 Tech’s initiatives with large healthcare organizations. This webinar aligns with its mission of ensuring secure IT environments for clients.