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Complex IT projects require foresight and demonstrated organizational techniques. These projects can also face unexpected challenges that lead to misspent time, an increased budget or other losses that could have been averted with effective planning. To increase efficiency, project teams need solid plans that provide agility, or the ability to react quickly and effectively as a team, when solutions must be implemented.

To consistently achieve success, T2 Tech uses a hybrid methodology that consists of a refined waterfall strategy and an Agile-based execution method. This strategy allows us to map out initial steps, such as time mining and forecasting, and it allows us to flexibly work with unexpected problems as we continuously communicate with our clients and partners.


Track Record of Success

Our highly-experienced project and program managers maintain a track record of successfully completing large, complex IT projects on time and on budget.  By employing proven project management methodologies, your projects maintain a proper course, and roadblocks are overcome along the way. This helps control costs and ensures consistent results.

Our approach allows companies to adapt to ever-changing business needs while providing an innovative framework. The core tenets to managing a project require 3 elements to be considered. Although we consider all three of these to be necessary elements, you must prioritize each to obtain the best outcome.

  • Scope
  • Timeline
  • Resources (budget)




Hybrid-Agile Methodology

PMI (also referred to as Waterfall) teaches procedure, governance, the ability to manage multiple dependencies, and how to control the budget. It’s typically well suited for complex projects with larger teams and requires more upfront planning. An Agile project management approach allows you to shift more quickly for execution and spend less time planning. Agile typically has shorter upfront planning with continuous iterations, reflections and multiple deliveries.

The combination of these two methodologies allows our team to leverage their core benefits for maximum efficiency and productivity. It is a proven system that has shown tremendous value to our client projects.

Upfront Planning

We use best practices to develop a governance framework, charter, budget controls and reporting. Upfront planning ensures a solid framework guides teams to success.

Agile Execution

Our approach increases productivity by being team-based, iterative, transparent and reflective. We empower teams to consistently work better, avoid rework and adapt to change.

Flexible Approach

Our method ensures teams can work on projects and complete existing operational responsibilities. We ensure you complete your project with minimal business interruption.

Smart Dashboards

Our framework, dashboards and performance charts can show where you need to go and how to get there. Our toolset can help you organize effort, monitor progress and achieve optimal results.

What Clients Say

Mitch Creem, Chief Executive Officer, Keck Hospital of USC

“It has been the ambitious mission of the University of Southern California to build the premier health sciences campus in the country. Upon acquiring the USC University Hospital facility, T2 Tech was selected to assist in the transition of the IT services capability. They demonstrated broad expertise with a complex migration project.”

Paul E. Shoenberger, General Manager, Mesa Water District

“Mesa Water® selected T2 Tech to develop and implement a long-term IT plan that will provide technological reliability now and into the future in support of the District’s essential role as a provider of drinking water. T2 Tech provides unique expertise guiding industry-leading organizations through IT system upgrades and continues to be a valued advisor as we invest in a strong future.”

Barbara B. Hines, President & Chief Executive Officer, QueensCare Health Centers

“T2 Tech has been a valuable partner since 2012. After completing a detailed assessment of our IT environment, T2 Tech was chosen to lead a nine-month initiative to transform our IT infrastructure and operations. They worked within our financial constraints to provide a solid foundation for our information needs, which allows for future expansion.”

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