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We oversee IT implementation, ensuring business needs are met and operations are not disrupted. Our hands-on approach balances client requirements, budget and time constraints, and an alignment with IT operations. Our project/program managers and leadership are actively involved in projects and are regularly onsite to maintain accountability and transparency. Our purposeful oversight of both politically and technically challenging IT initiatives improves effectiveness and efficiency.

Execute with Precision

Our IT project management service provides clients with direction and focus, so high-quality solutions are implemented in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our experienced managers collaborate with your team while we employ our unique hybrid-Agile methodology to provide a clear mode of action that allows for collaboration, transparency and empowerment.

This hybrid approach includes upfront planning along with an Agile-based execution method. With shorter iterations and consistent status review, teams incorporate lessons learned before closeout and help streamline project execution. Most importantly, our methodology emphasizes teamwork, innovative thinking and equal participation to achieve objectives.

Expert Knowledge

Our hands-on team is comprised of experienced CIOs, subject matter experts, technical and clinical project managers and strategists, bringing extensive industry and vendor knowledge from partnering with a wide variety of clients on complex IT projects.

Prior to implementation, our team will evaluate and assess your IT environment to identify risks to ensure a seamless execution. We work in partnership with your team to align business drivers and validate that leadership’s initiatives are being met.


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We’re ready to listen. We will work with you at all organizational levels and enable changes vital to achieving your overall goals.