Managing Partner
Managing Partner

Kevin Torf

Kevin Torf is an information-systems executive with a career spanning more than 40 years. He specializes in large-scale IT strategic plans, project design, procurement and implementation. Over his career, Kevin has orchestrated the design and implementation of numerous complex IT infrastructure deployments across the globe, including some of the world’s largest communication network systems. He brings years of experience in executive-level technology and consulting services.

Kevin is a co-founder and managing partner of T2 Tech. He developed the company’s hybrid-Agile methodology, which is used by T2 Tech program and project managers to plan and develop client projects. Many of T2 Tech’s clients have adopted this methodology in-house and are using it to manage all projects organization-wide. Kevin currently plays leading roles as the chief IT architect for extensive IT infrastructure projects and field operations. For example, Kevin oversaw the IT infrastructure design and implementation for a $636-million new hospital construction project at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. He’s also acted as principal during the design and implementation of a redundant architecture and disaster recovery site for Sharp HealthCare. In another large-scale initiative, Kevin directed the IT remediation plan for a multimillion-dollar restructuring of the enterprise IT environment for a merged six hospital system. In addition to his leadership abilities, Kevin has been instrumental in negotiating multimillion-dollar contracts with key technology vendors for many clients.

Prior to co-founding T2 Tech, Kevin has founded and sold several technology companies, including Intelliverse, Mobile Gaming Technologies, Inuntius, Tornado Development and Torsys. He also held senior roles as CEO/CTO/CIO and board positions. With Mobile Gaming Technologies, he launched the product Bet Tracker, which was used in over 100 countries around the world. At Intelliverse, he migrated three disparate technologies, consolidating six national data centers in a single IP platform. As founder and leader of Inuntius, he led the design of one of the first commercial VoIP systems sold directly to consumers.

During his time at Tornado Development, Inc. as founder, CTO and chairman, Kevin managed the development of Tornado Development multimedia messaging platform, which was marketed worldwide. At Torsys, he led a global networking firm that provided strategic development and management of critical network solutions for some of the most recognized names in business and education, including TCI, AT&T, UCLA, Xircom, Microsoft, Symantec, Packard Bell and Starwood Hotels.

Kevin has traveled to more than 30 countries to conduct business. He is a strong advocate of professional development and has completed multiple training programs in the U.S., UK, Germany, Australia and Canada.