Director of Operations
Director of Operations

Gill Torf

Gill Torf works closely with T2 Tech’s executive management, project managers, engineers and contractors to provide ongoing support for company operations and critical client projects. She is responsible for drafting clearly defined processes, along with creating and maintaining a structured, highly disciplined operational environment. Her managerial efforts support the ongoing success of the company and its project engagements. She also undertakes all recruitment, facilitates and processes new hires, and handles all human resource responsibilities.

Gill oversees contracts for new vendors and contractors. She updates employment-related company policies and procedures, keeping employees briefed on any changes. Being detail-oriented, she has excellent communication and reporting skills. Moreover, she consistently recognizes and advocates the individual needs of each employee, contractor and customer.

As part of her human-resource responsibilities, Gill creates a well-balanced work environment by ensuring clear communications and following through on critical administrative and operational tasks. She also organizes company training for all employees.

Previously, Gill worked as a diversity representative at a major insurance company in South Africa, as well as working in fleet sales on a corporate level at Volkswagen and Audi. She has worked as a corporate fundraiser at the Knysna/Sedgefield Hospice, where she wrote proposals to donors who funded support groups for children’s welfare.

Gill graduated from the University of Pretoria, South Africa with a Bachelor of Information Science degree, majoring in English and Publishing. She also has a Teaching English to Foreign Learners (TEFL) diploma, a diploma in Desktop Publishing and a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt.