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The Future Of Virtualization

The increased demand for more computing power has generated more need to invest in virtualization. Virtualization, or the process of using software to simulate a physical system, enables you to increase IT scalability; condense hardware needs; better prepare for sudden emergencies; and streamline servers, network storage and desktop configurations. Old processes required servers that run one application and operating system at the same time. But now with virtualization, multiple operating systems can be made into virtual machines that run on one physical server and still have access to fundamental computing resources through hypervisor software.

Virtualizing your servers will allow you to decrease the need of physical servers, and it will allow you to improve application performance. Like with your servers, virtualizing networks, storage and desktop configurations will also allow you to condense physical hardware needs and streamline operations by providing connected, secure systems.

Another component to virtualization is virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). VDI can provide security and increases efficiency by hosting a desktop operating system on a virtual machine. VDI allows for a highly-available, consistent computing environment both locally and remotely, and it simplifies management of your computing environment. With VDI, IT support staff are better-equipped to manage desktop computing due to powerful centralized management tools that ease the burden of software updates, endpoint security, end-user support, endpoint replacement and future expansion.

Virtualize Your IT Environments With Us

We have in-depth experience with market-leading virtualization platforms, including VMware, Citrix and Windows. Rather than selling a specific solution, we approach each client engagement with an unbiased perspective that focuses on skillfully evaluating objectives and meeting your specific needs. Our expertise is proven, and T2 Tech has designed and implemented virtual solutions for multiple leading organizations. We provide experienced management and training to meet stringent requirements and ensure a seamless transition with minimal impact to operations.

Our technical teams are well versed in server, storage and networking requirements. This well-rounded perspective allows us to design and implement high-performance virtual solutions with built-in redundancy and scalability. Our results consistently facilitate flexible, secure and cost-effective solutions that improve system scalability and streamline user workflows. Learn more about our services.

Moving Toward A Software-Defined Data Center

Beyond server virtualization, companies are being faced with more and more options, such as virtualizing networking, storage, and security. We provide comprehensive expertise and can help manage all phases and aspects of moving toward an entirely software-defined data center. Done correctly, moving toward a more virtual data center can deliver improved service levels, increased business agility, a simpler environment and reduced costs. As more organizations are beginning to recognize the value of virtualizing IT components, the choices that companies are seeing have grown. Our complete IT knowledge, vendor agnosticism and proven negotiating experience allow us to assess your specific needs and find you the best option in terms of price, quality and time.

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Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

  • 2,000-user VDI design and implementation
  • Upgrade from XenDesktop 4.0 to 7.5
  • Optimize applications for delivery via Citrix XenApp 6.5
  • Rearchitect IT infrastructure to support full redundancy and failover
  • Install Cisco UCS server farm
  • Install high-speed disk subsystem
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Kootenai Health

  • 2,000-user VDI design and implementation
  • Implement VMware View 5.3
  • Optimize applications for delivery of VMware ThinApp 5
  • Rearchitect IT infrastructure to support full redundancy and failover
  • Install Cisco UCS server farm
  • Reduced rows of racks in the data center and streamlined cooling

Enable Workspace Mobility

As technology advances, businesses are finding they need to integrate diverse platforms into unified networks. Across healthcare and a wide variety of other industries, we are experts at unifying complex networks of diverse technologies and use cases. We have experience in mobile device management to securely administer a wide variety of mobile devices and operating systems from one central admin console. By removing barriers, mobility and app adoption in the enterprise environment, organizations can increase and enhance employee productivity.

If part of the mobile strategy is to put in place an SSO service, we can ensure appropriate integration into the mobile framework. Together, we can determine the right virtualization strategy for your organization. From virtual servers to mobility management, your organization can get closer to achieving necessary results for end-user needs and security requirements. To learn about the right virtualization strategy for your organization, contact us today.

VDI in Healthcare

Within the healthcare environment, Meaningful Use has required organizations to quickly embrace the implementation of computerized physician order entry (CPOE). Today, virtualizing desktop environments can enable quicker access to the electronic health record (EHR), encourage new sources of revenue, and help you plan for reducing reimbursements and regulations, such as HIPAA and HITECH.

Clinicians also enjoy the benefits of VDI with streamlined workflows due to drastically reduced desktop login and roaming times. The inherent flexibility of VDI allows clinicians to quickly move from station to station, resume their latest desktop session in a matter of seconds and continue to focus on patient care. With all the right systems and environments in place, other technologies like single sign-on (SSO) can provide additional, significant savings. When coupling VDI with SSO, Kootenai Health, a recent client of T2 Tech, has gleaned over $1.7 million in savings per year through reduced wait times and increased productivity.