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Advances In Data Storage Technology

Organizations are experiencing a significant shift in IT strategies due to recent regulations and technological changes, such as the expansion of EHRs within healthcare. Unfortunately, in many cases, existing IT infrastructure is not well suited to support new environments. With many options, such as varying virtualization strategies, managed hosting, different cooling strategies, different server types and different warranties, organizations can reduce risks and save costs by partnering with qualified experts.

When you need to update your servers and storage, T2 Tech can assess your entire network and design and deploy solutions for current and long-term requirements. To help complete your initiative on time and within budget, we use a hybrid-agile methodology and leverage a team comprised of expert engineers, skilled project managers, and experienced CIOs and business leaders.

Comprehensive Server Infrastructure Expertise

Servers can become a critical point of failure as increased processing requirements begin to push capability limits. Additionally, high power consumption can become costly, and traditional servers can require a large amount of floor space, more expensive maintenance and complex cabling. In response to the limitations of outdated server hardware, many organizations are investing in blade servers, virtualized servers and cloud environments. When done right, these investments can increase processing power, streamline environments and decrease overall capital investments in new hardware. Leveraging technical expertise in servers, virtualization, cloud computing, HVAC and power, we can help assess your requirements and design and implement an optimal solution. We can also work with you to choose and negotiate with vendors for a premium value.

Experience With Effective Data Storage Solutions

Storage systems are one of the most crucial components of IT infrastructure today. With data growth exploding exponentially, the need for efficient, scalable, high-capacity storage systems couldn’t be more pressing. Health organizations, in particular, are finding it hard to keep up with increased demands for storage to house EHRs, digital imaging and various data intensive applications and infrastructure. Furthermore, with such large volumes of electronic data on file, the need for built-in redundancy within storage systems is paramount to protect organizations from potentially catastrophic system failures.

Our Experience In Healthcare

To better facilitate patient care, data needs to be readily accessible, secure and organized. Recent regulations and movements such as Meaningful Use and a more consumer-based business model further emphasize the need for optimized storage systems in healthcare. To meet your needs, our dedicated application analysts, engineers and project managers can coordinate with your team to make sure systems are interoperable and data is readily accessible. We’ll also work with you to make sure solutions align with your financial bottom line and are coordinated with larger, more important business strategy.

We’ve transformed server infrastructure or managed complex storage projects for leading healthcare providers, such as Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Saint John’s Health Center, Kootenai Health and Comanche County Memorial Hospital. Our team’s depth of experience in enterprise storage systems results in redundant, scalable, highly-available, cost-effective storage solutions for your needs. Contact us to speak with a healthcare specialist today.