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An Enterprise’s Communications Backbone

Many successful business operations depend on a reliable wireless network and efficient end-to-end communications between devices. To meet dynamic business needs, an organization’s wireless network environment needs to be efficiently architected, provide good coverage and facilitate high-performance at the right cost. It will also need necessary redundancy and failover in case of disaster, and it should provide appropriate scalability to accommodate organizational growth.

As end-users and devices accessing a network increase, this service becomes a critical and complex responsibility. Complexities also increase when you have to traverse large distances for WAN configurations, are coordinating it with other business initiatives, or are operating in older buildings not designed for WiFi.

Vendor Neutral Wireless Networking Expertise

As network components grow exponentially, there’s an increasing requirement for subject matter experts in every category. For instance, an expert may be needed for generating a heat map for wireless coverage, to demonstrate how to position your antenna, or to show how to fine tune the radio signal and other key aspects involved in setting up your wireless network. Experts may also be needed to help you purchase the correct access point products and to coordinate network strategies with larger initiatives, such as application deployments or data center retrofits.

Whether you need to improve an existing network, are looking to build one from the ground up or are undergoing a large-scale IT transformation, T2 Tech™ can help with your wireless networking by assessing IT environment requirements, architecting solutions, negotiating with vendors, and providing deployment and post-implementation support. Our skilled technical engineers, project managers and executive leaders have a proven track record of facilitating and delivering efficient wireless networks for small and large organizations in healthcare, government and commercial industries. We’re also vendor neutral and employ an effective hybrid-agile methodology to ensure a roadmap during planning and agility during execution.

Wireless Networking In Healthcare

With Meaningful Use and other influences promoting consumer health and the efficient use of EHRs and other applications, reliable and secure wireless networks are becoming more important to hospitals and healthcare systems. An efficient wireless network can help facilitate readily available, high-capacity and secure data management solutions. Wireless networking can also enable patient engagement applications and telemedicine, support greater mobility and improved communications, and sync medical devices for better care coordination.

Whether you need to reduce the wire closets across your LAN, are building a new facility, or need to sync your off-site EHR data with your onsite operations, we can help you from preliminary assessment and planning to deployment and post-implementation support. Our executive leaders with healthcare CIO experience along with our project managers and clinical application and technical specialists can coordinate strategies that align your wireless network with overall organizational strategies. We can also work closely with clinical and technical teams to ensure workflows are optimized, systems can be maintained efficiently and care quality improves.

Our Experience In Healthcare

T2 Tech has a proven track record in providing healthcare clients with high-quality solutions that are timely and cost-efficient.

We’ve planned and/or implemented complex network infrastructure projects for highly-regarded organizations, including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Saint John’s Health Center and Comanche County Memorial Hospital. The depth of experience of our technical engineers, application specialists and technical project managers results in dependable outcomes designed to match your strategic needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists.