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Our Healthcare IT Consulting solutions are designed to help support your IT efforts and create real value for your IT organization

Transformation is not easy. In building business strategies that are truly fit for the future, leaders face accelerating changes in technology, stakeholder expectations, and society itself. The pressure to shape their strategy and restructure their organizations to deliver better, lasting results is real.



Depending on your organization’s needs, our IT Consulting services may include assessing purchasing options and exploring growth strategy as well as the project management of implementation or application migrations.

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Collaboration and Unified Communications

Our Healthcare IT Consultants can make sure the connected devices you invest in are reliable and secure, and they can help you optimize the network and computing resources these systems depend on.

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Data Center Modernization

T2 Tech can assist you with new data center construction projects and complex data center retrofits to support ongoing organizational objectives. Our in-depth technical knowledge, grounding in industry best practices, and understanding of regulatory requirements enable us to deliver IT solutions for your unique data center transformation project.

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IT Data Management & Analytics

At T2 Tech, we turn data assets into transformative tools by working with clients to build strong data management foundations and effective business intelligence and analytics programs. Our IT Consulting Firm has experience leading the development and rollout of enterprise data management platforms and analytics services for some of the largest and most respected healthcare providers and commercial businesses in the United States.

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Disaster Recovery

Access to historical data and its ready availability can help you identify trends, make better decisions and increase efficiency. As businesses grow, more assets and more data are accumulated from diverse sources and interdependent systems. Therefore, preparing for events such as unexpected disasters or outages becomes essential to operating and maintaining your current information systems.

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Enterprise Networking

Many successful business operations depend on a reliable wireless network and efficient end-to-end communications between devices. To meet dynamic business needs, an organization’s wireless network environment needs to be efficiently architected, provide good coverage and facilitate high-performance at the right cost.

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IT Finance & Operations

Today’s enterprise technology needs require complex environments that typically handle a wide variety of applications running on distinct types of platforms. Additionally, there’s an increasing requirement to drive efficiencies by streamlining costs and changing how staff spends their time. Our experts can help you improve IT operational and organizational efficiency with an enterprise strategy that addresses human and technological resources.

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Firewalls and intrusion detection\prevention appliances provide access control and protection at the perimeter and around data center services. VPN, proxies and SSL solutions provide a secure way to access services remotely. T2 Tech  evaluates, designs and implements solutions that address security from the application layer down to the end device. We ensure consistency and holistically approach the security policies of your organization.

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Servers & Storage

When you need to update your servers and storage, T2 Tech  can assess your entire network and design and deploy solutions for current and long-term requirements. To help complete your initiative on time and within budget, we use a hybrid-agile methodology and leverage a team comprised of expert engineers, skilled project managers, and experienced CIOs and business leaders.

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Vendor Management

Whether you need to assess current vendor performance, manage procurement or need an expert to help oversee the entire lifecycle of IT contracts, we can help. T2 Tech has a proven track record in negotiating optimal vendor agreements and can ensure outsourced resources work as efficiently as possible.

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Virtualizing your servers will allow you to decrease the need of physical servers, and it will allow you to improve application performance. Like with your servers, virtualizing networks, storage and desktop configurations will also allow you to condense physical hardware needs and streamline operations by providing connected, secure systems.

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