In 2015, Stanford Health Care (SHC) acquired ValleyCare Health System (SHC-VC) and selected T2 Tech Group™ to perform a comprehensive IT assessment. The assessment supported an IT infrastructure transition program that would help SHC manage its growing health system and prepare for an EHR system migration to Epic.

Assessing Stanford’s IT Environment

To help Stanford create a multi-phased implementation roadmap for their transition, T2 Tech did the following in their IT assessment:

  • Thoroughly reviewed SHC-VC’s IT infrastructure and architecture
  • Highlighted current risks and relevant short-term fixes
  • Developed a short-term and long-term strategy to mitigate risks, implement SHC standards, and integrate the SHC-VC IT environment into the larger SHC IT environment.

T2 Tech’s assessment focused on the following areas: the network and wireless environment, the data center, unified communications, security and end-user technologies. For a variety of components, T2 Tech evaluated the architecture, stability, performance, scalability, flexibility, redundancy, security, and hardware/software life cycle management.

To perform the assessment, T2 Tech met with members of Stanford’s team and provided hands-on assessments of current infrastructure. When they gathered the needed information, they documented current state equipment inventories, diagramed current state designs, highlighted immediate issues and risks, and prepared a gap analysis. During the gap analysis, each assessed component was compared to SHC standards and industry-best practices and was assigned a risk level of low, medium or high.

When the assessment was completed, T2 Tech delivered an executive summary showcasing all major points of interest. Along with identifying risks and providing a clear picture of the healthcare system’s IT environment, T2 Tech also presented a remediation roadmap and budgetary estimates for future IT initiatives.

IT Assessment Service

T2 Tech thoroughly reviewed infrastructure and architecture, informed SHC of risks and relevant short-term fixes, and developed a strategic IT roadmap to satisfy business goals.

Implementation Planning

T2 Tech gave SHC tools needed to transition SHC-VC into SHC’s larger IT ecosystem. These tools included a remediation roadmap and budgetary estimates for future IT initiatives

A Roadmap For Success

After performing the assessment, T2 Tech developed a plan to improve the health system’s IT infrastructure. The proposed plan would result in the following:

  • An updated network design and new WAN configuration
  • A migration plan to bring applications into SHC’s data center
  • A design for a new unified communications system
  • Security upgrades
  • A better mobile device management platform
  • An improved email system and print/copy/scan environment
  • An upgraded wireless network

The roadmap was crucial to Stanford’s next steps and helped integrate SHC-VC into the larger SHC IT ecosystem.

A Methodology To Meet Requirements
SHC needed to complete the IT assessment within a strict timeframe. To aid the healthcare organization, T2 Tech used a mix of Agile and PMI techniques to efficiently plan, manage and execute all aspects of the project. The hybrid methodology stressed adaptability; efficient use of time; collaboration from a multi-functional team; and the proficient management of integration, scope, time, costs, quality, human resources, communications, risks and procurements.

When it came time to execute the project, T2 Tech used short-term iterations, known as sprints, along with weekly status reports and bi-weekly presentations to stakeholders. By providing an adaptable execution method and transparent communications, T2 Tech ensured the timely completion of project objectives and kept SHC leadership informed throughout the duration of the assessment process.

The Tools Needed to Move Forward
T2 Tech was chosen for the assessment project because of their in-depth knowledge of the SHC-VC environment and transition strategy; their successful track record in challenging, fully outsourced environments; their understanding of the intricacies of critical hospital applications; their transparent and agile methodology; and their ability to meet the project’s strict time constraints.

By leveraging their experienced team and effective hybrid methodology, T2 Tech:

  • Completed the assessment on time
  • Gave Stanford the tools needed to transition SHC-VC into SHC’s larger IT ecosystem
  • Prepared Stanford for its Epic implementation

Regarding the project, T2 Tech Managing Partner Kevin Torf said, “We were happy to be part of the larger Stanford Health Care initiative to implement Epic and to provide services to help Stanford understand what would be required in order to implement a secure, robust and scalable system.”

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