At T2 Tech, we’ve helped many of our clients relocate their data centers. In some situations, colocation provided a cost-effective, high-performing solution. However, colocation may not be the best solution if it is unnecessary or unsuited to your requirements. Because the decision to colocate or not can be costly and has a major impact on business operations, IT decision makers must put time and effort into understanding business drivers and identifying the best solution.

To provide information on the topic of colocation and to better empower teams to maximize investments, T2 Tech Partner Leigh Sleeman and I recently collaborated to write a white paper on reasons for and against colocation. The white paper includes the following:

  • Factors to consider with colocation, such as latency, distance and power
  • Reasons to colocate, such as cost efficiency, geographical diversity and the need for scalability
  • Reasons not to colocate, such as access to your own space, services and skilled staff; the need for in-house control and technical limitations

I invite you to read our white paper and to contact us if you have any questions or are thinking of relocating your data center.