Today’s healthcare IT environment is constantly evolving. Additionally, healthcare providers find themselves in a competitive landscape and manage restricted resources to meet limited budgets. As an example, some issues faced by providers include the following:

  • Rapidly evolving technology is creating a push for redundancy, virtualized environments and cost-effective applications that better serve clinical needs;
  • Federal acts and regulations have increased the need for digital health records that are secure but accessible in real-time;
  • Hospital systems that span multiple facilities require reliable network solutions; and
  • As IT changes, healthcare executives face more technology choices and implementation options.

These changes and requirements can seem overwhelming, and it’s no surprise that healthcare professionals may need help when choosing how they want to implement meaningful revisions to their IT ecosystem.

While change and the promise of drastically improved IT environments is exciting, it pays to take a step back to analyze one’s options and determine what’s best for a specific organization’s goals.

A guiding hand to facilitate long-lasting improvements

Whether you need to revamp your IT business strategy, IT organization or IT infrastructure, the first step in a journey to improve IT resources should be a comprehensive assessment. To ensure a thorough evaluation, the assessment should be guided by a proven methodology and conducted by a team of highly qualified subject matter experts.

Though the systems and technology involved in IT are complex, the aims of an assessment are simple. Assessments help organizations validate what’s working; identify gaps and risks; and develop feasible plans for improved infrastructure, operations and business strategy. When a healthcare IT assessment is completed, leaders are provided with a clear picture of their current IT infrastructure and operations, a plan for remediation, and a roadmap to the future.

Improvements in action

While working at T2 Tech Group, it has been my good fortune to see healthcare leaders flourish as a result of our IT assessments. When collaborating with T2 Tech’s team of skilled project managers and subject matter experts, leading healthcare organizations have been able to develop solid plans that have led to clear paths forward.

When they were updating their storage environment, our assessment work with Kootenai Health helped them develop a detailed list of requirements, so they could confidently move forward with a solid plan and save $1 million in vendor management. Similarly, our assessment work with Stanford Health Care paved the way for a successful migration of EHR resources to Epic Systems, and our assessment work with Verity Health System contributed to nearly $5 million in savings over six months

It’s exciting to see T2 Tech group grow in its network of clients and partners. As our five-year journey with Kootenai Health demonstrates, assessments have often been first steps to meaningful business relationships, where we gain firsthand experience in a specific environment and eventually design and implement IT solutions. We are always extending our hand to organizations who can benefit from an IT assessment and encourage business leaders to contact us for a free consultation, where we can determine if an assessment from T2 Tech will deliver genuine value.

After working in technology and business for over twenty years, I have seen from experience that planning and strategy are critical to making sure talented teams can execute their vision. When the time is taken to adequately plan, visions become a reality. In a healthcare environment, this means the jobs of medical teams become easier, and ultimately, patients reap benefits through improved healthcare.