Whether its painting, education, science or information technology, we all have particular passions that enrich our lives, supply us with an inner drive and connect us with the world. For me, information technology has been my passion, and as I continue to practice what I love, I am constantly propelled into new frontiers and pushed to tackle new, more stimulating challenges.
People depend on IT. It connects and unites business operations across all industries and is about much more than writing lines of code or designing cutting-edge infrastructure. The most effective IT enthusiasts in the field transcend their individual passion for technology, incorporate it into practical human needs and tap into the bigger picture around them. My hope in beginning this blog is to share methods of turning IT acumen into practical results.

In my upcoming posts, I will address successful methods I’ve used to mobilize large IT efforts. My hope is to stimulate a discussion between new and accomplished IT experts. I will provide a new perspective on components of IT project management and will include the following topics:

I look forward to sharing more and hope to hear from readers in the future. Much more than a display of technical knowledge, executing successful IT projects is an art form that requires practitioners to creatively adapt to change, and these revisions in the face of new challenges require collaboration. I’m hoping that, together, we can transform the current IT environment and pass what we know to those who matter: the end-user.

A foundation for developing my tips

I have spent over 30 years working in the IT industry and specialize in large-scale IT project design, procurement and implementation. Over my career, I have provided executive-level technology consulting involving data centers, server farms, storage and backup systems, security, video messaging and VoIP systems.

My experience includes founding and heading IT businesses, such as Torys, Tornado Development, Inc., Inuntius and Inventtrex. Since 2012, I have acted as a managing partner and chief IT architect at T2 Tech Group. At T2 Tech, I have helped orchestrate large IT initiatives for companies such as Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Kootenai Health, Stanford Healthcare, Comanche County Memorial Hospital, Saint John’s Health Center, QueensCare Health Centers, Verity Health System, Sharp Healthcare, Mesa Water District and many more. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to mentor and learn from promising young engineers and burgeoning business leaders, and I continuously acquire more knowledge with each new challenge that comes up.