The picture above shows some of the team members who attended our year-end celebration. 2016 has been an incredible year for T2 Tech Group, and we all had a great time reflecting on achievements and looking towards the future.

With new clients and a great amount of team growth, we are becoming a larger business. As the company’s office manager, I personally managed the screening and processing of new hires for the year, reviewed agreements with new clients, planned our company events and oversaw procedures to accommodate team developments. To wrap up the year with our network of peers, I’m posting some of 2016 T2 Tech’s highlights.

A growing network of client partnerships

In addition to taking on new initiatives with organizations we have served for years, T2 Tech partnered with the many new clients in 2016. Here are just a few of our new partners:

  • Verity Health System: T2 Tech Group joined Verity Health System in an IT infrastructure transformation initiative
  • Rapid City Regional Hospital, Inc.: Our team will support them with a large rollout of VDI and single sign-on
  • Sharp HealthCare: The San Diego-based healthcare delivery organization began working with us to relocate its data center and optimize IT infrastructure

Our expanding team

To develop business strategy and meet the demands of a growing client base, T2 Tech nearly doubled the size of its team in 2016. We hired 20 new team members, including highly experienced subject matter experts, seasoned project managers, an innovative marketing team and four new additions to leadership. Our new partners and executive-level members include the following:

  • Marty Miller, a respected executive with more than 15 years of experience in healthcare IT leadership, strategy and digital informatics
  • Paul Conocenti, an experienced healthcare CIO
  • Scott Engelman, a healthcare IT executive with over 25 years of experience
  • Bill Wilson, a healthcare executive who has extensive CIO experience and has spent over 30 years as a member of senior leadership teams

Developing a culture and rewarding excellence

Over 2016, T2 Tech took active steps to cement its team identity. Part of this new effort included an annual meeting and a year-end party. For these two events, we assembled T2 Tech team members from around the country, discussed strategy, contributed to brand developments and grew as a team.

At our year-end party, we got a chance to celebrate the distinguished accomplishments of our team and have fun with some of our most respected members. To celebrate the end of 2016, some of the awards we gave out at our year-end event are presented below.

  • Methodology Mind Master Award: Team member dedicated to project management success and contribution to the company through interviews, Tenrox and methodologies – Leigh Sleeman
  • Task Master Award: Team member that accomplished positive change through IT project leadership – Jeremiah Andujo
  • Conquering Concur Award: Team member that helped develop a working system, is always efficient and always willing to help -Ashley Carlin
  • Techy Solution Ambassador: Team member who has expanded the most out of their field – Ernest Saadat
  • WinWire Winning Award: Team member who brought in the most new business – Kyle Torf
  • Never Say No Award: Team member entrenched in positivity and willingness to always help – Mark Lazatin
  • Social Media Hero of the Year Award: Team member that used social media to stand up above the rest for T2 Tech – Krystal Di Stefano
  • The T2 Tech Advocate Award: Employee who brought on the most new employees and promoted the company – Jenny Matkovich
  • Blogger Superstar Award: Team member who has published the most brand-supporting blogs – Christy Griesse
  • Record Time Recording Award: Team member who entered the most time on Tenrox – Kyle Torf

Thank you for reading. T2 Tech looks forward to another great year in 2017.