In the gym, it’s the ‘burn’ bringing leaner, more powerful muscles. While we may initially resist the discomfort, once we push through the pain, and see how success feels, we’re back for more.

The best project managers are mentors and growth coaches. One of their greatest challenges is guiding team members to become masters of their own destiny by teaching new ways of thinking and working. Encouraging team members to step out of their comfort zones, take ownership, and support accomplishments as a team will inspire a growth mindset. Be patient as they adjust to the sensation of success working through the process of pain and adapting to productive change.

Your team members all come with proven individual strengths and skills. How do you bring them together as a unified team?

Coach and mentor your team to experience success together, through the pain of trial and error, to arrive at the right solution. The process will empower the team, teach them to be accountable, and allow them to become self-sufficient, which promotes growth for the individuals, as well as the organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Begin by using small iterations so the team can experience success early
  • Let the team decide how to get the task done and have them commit to it
  • Allow them to succeed or fail on their own
  • Make sure stakeholders know the entire team (not individuals) drove success