With many large-scale technology projects in their queue and a growing company culture, T2 Tech Group (T2 Tech) recently brought on several interns to assist and learn from their experienced team. While working with Gill Torf, the company’s office manager, I was asked a series of questions about my internship. I’m presenting my answers in the hopes that it will inspire others to reach out and get involved with this high-energy IT consulting firm. You can apply and start your journey on the T2 Tech careers page.

What inspired you to apply for this internship, and what made T2 Tech appealing to you as a potential intern?

Returning to sunny Southern California for the summer, I was looking for an internship conveniently located near my home in the South Bay. At the same time, I wanted a learning opportunity that would allow me to explore my interests in business and technology as well as enhance my career goals. T2 Tech provided me with exactly that: an easy, 15-minute commute and the chance to work for a successful, fast-growing technology company.

What has been your path to your current internship at T2 Tech?

I’m currently a student at the University of Washington studying Finance and Information Systems. Over the past few years, I’ve volunteered at various non-profit organizations, worked on-campus jobs, and interned for an education tech start-up, so it’s exciting to experience something new working at an IT consulting firm. As somebody that’s passionate about technology, I plan to continue pursuing my career within the tech industry, and it’s really cool to get a taste of that at T2 Tech this summer.

What team are you working on at T2 Tech? Can you provide us with a high-level description of your summer project?

By title, I’m a Business Analyst Intern for T2 Tech. I get to work across multiple teams on a variety of projects — one day I could be completing a spreadsheet in Excel for the finance department, and on another, I might be editing photos in Photoshop for Business Development.

What’s the best part about working with your team?

Since I am one of the newest members of T2 Tech, my team has been unbelievably helpful in getting me up to speed with company processes and equipping me with the necessary skills to successfully complete my assigned tasks. Everybody is extremely friendly, and I appreciate my coworkers’ willingness to share their experiences and expertise with me. They have made the working environment phenomenal, so it’s been fun getting to learn from and work alongside such talented and enthusiastic individuals this summer!

What’s your favorite part about working at T2 Tech?

When I was first shown the kitchen full of snacks, I knew I was going to like it at T2 Tech. Aside from the free food though, the ability to explore multiple opportunities is what I value most. Each day that I come into the office, there’s always something new to experience, and I’ve truly enjoyed working on the projects assigned to me. My schedule is pretty flexible, so I’m free to come and go as I want. However, the people and the work make staying in the office a little extra worthwhile!

What does “being T2 Tech-y” mean to you?

The people at T2 Tech are passionate, hardworking and collaborative. The diversely experienced team members are also early adopters focused on what’s new in technology. They are excited about their work, and it is evident they do what they love and love what they do!

If you could give one piece of advice to potential student applicants, what would it be?

With the company receiving many applications, I faced a competitive environment when seeking to join their team. Staying connected to various T2 Tech team members through multiple modes of communication kept me in their minds as a resource. After an interview and some follow-up contact, they brought me on because I showed the ambition and aptitude that’s required for the caliber of excellence here.