In the field of IT consulting, success directly correlates with one’s ability to adapt. Each complex implementation presents a degree of unpredictability. At T2 Tech Group, we strive to be nimble and are constantly working on ways to evolve our approach to leverage new technologies and provide our clients with the best possible outcomes.

The only way to hit a moving target is to stay focused, calm and ready to apply innovative solutions. We view each new project as a unique challenge and are constantly working to improve our process and expand our capabilities. As a team of CIOs, CTOs, CSOs, PMs and engineers, we understand what our clients expect because we’ve been in their shoes. It’s the insights we’ve gained from hands on experience that drives T2 Tech’s results-oriented mindset and fuels our desire to deliver on time and on budget.

As we prepare to meet the challenges of tomorrow, I am excited to be a part of a company that knows what it takes to succeed today. With a professional ideology grounded in adaptability, T2 Tech is uniquely positioned for the future.

My personal shift

I have worked for over 20 years providing business and technology solutions. I have had success in being able to grow businesses by establishing long-lasting partnerships and operationalizing sales and marketing programs. I saw an opportunity to expand the breadth of my abilities and impact, and I joined T2 Tech Group to lead the IT consulting firm’s business operations.

I’m excited to be leading business development and client services for T2 Tech Group. The managing partners I am working with, Robert Konishi, Kevin Torf and Marty Miller, each bring unique viewpoints that lead to results. Robert and Marty were both my clients several years ago when I was with IBM, and it’s so great to be working with them again in a similar yet entirely new capacity.

Success at T2 Tech

It’s been one and a half years since I joined T2 Tech, and we have had tremendous success and are rapidly changing for the better. We’ve hired the best and the brightest engineers in the industry who continue to provide our clients with innovative, high-quality solutions to their complex IT challenges.

We’ve also gained valuable clients that we’ve been able to partner with, including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Stanford Health Care, Sharp Healthcare, Verity Health System, Mesa Water District and many others. When working with our clients, we become co-owners in their vision of success and combine viewpoints across many disciplines to ensure that success.

A new, wider-reaching scope

Moving forward in 2016, it is exciting to be a part of T2 Tech’s expansion efforts. One compelling change that I’ve helped drive is a new initiative to develop T2 Tech’s brand in the IT industry. As Robert Konishi, a founding partner who migrated from UCLA Health System, has reflected, T2 Tech’s new branding and logo “marks a significant milestone in our journey.” From my point of view, the new marketing initiative gives us at T2 Tech an opportunity to reach larger audiences with an image that reflects our company values and abilities.

In accordance with our new company image, I am also pleased to report that we are breaking into new industries. We are leveraging our talent that has worked with leading companies in the world, including American Express, Ticketmaster, DIRECTV and Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and we plan on using our IT experience in the healthcare environment to impact positive change for our new clients.

Other growth efforts

It is an exciting time for us as we continue to grow. We’ve just hired Sean Keye, an experienced client services executive, who will help us expand our company relationships and develop new client-centric solutions. We have a lot planned for the remainder of the year and heading into 2017. We’re moving offices, participating in industry events, holding webinars and workshops, and continuously building our network of partners. Our goal to drive T2 Tech forward is to forge new strategic partnerships, continue to innovate in the industry, and to help our clients meet and exceed their goals. It’s going to be a fun ride. Our team has limitless potential, and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.