Imagine you have a favorite burger joint and eat at the same place every day. This would be really exciting when you first go, but the same burger and ingredients will eventually vex you. Similar to this, most IT technical jobs can become unstimulating because they require the same operations day in and day out. You are assigned some specific roles and responsibilities pertaining to a confined technology, and you gradually fall in the loop of repetitively doing the same tasks.

I previously provided storage infrastructure support for many major technology companies in the US. Every company I worked at invested millions of dollars in its own preferred systems and storage vendors. Because these huge environments rely on only a limited range of solutions, they do not change technology very often. Hence, these environments can confine you to focus on a limited set of core competencies.

IT is the most rapidly changing and growing industry in the world. Every day, technology is developed while old technologies are retired or improved. Many of the clients I work with are in healthcare, and these organizations must constantly update their technology to keep up with many changes, such as the need for better business intelligence insights into care quality, the development of new security threats, shifting regulations and the growing Internet of Things market. If one is stuck with a daily routine, it can be very tough to find the time to explore and grow per the changing needs of the industry. One great solution for this problem is to forgo a static position within one organization and become part of a consulting firm.

Working in the bustle of IT consulting

As a senior storage engineer in the consulting field, I frequently get to work with new tools and technologies. Technology consulting gives you this unique exposure to get insight on multiple organizations, understand their IT environments, outline a strategy for their future or work for the betterment of their existing infrastructure based on the scope provided. Most of the time, these projects give us an opportunity to think outside of the box and come up with innovative ideas and suggestions that would be a good fit for a client’s business needs.

As a consultant contributing to the IT strategies of large enterprises, you need to be up to date on all the major happenings in the market as well as the various offerings from multiple vendors. You get this unique opportunity to communicate with multiple vendors on a daily basis, which opens the door for you to grow as a person and expand your domain knowledge. This keeps your mind stimulated and gives you impetus to continuously learn.

By working as a consultant, you gain an in-depth understanding on the requirements and needs of various organizations and can work with many different situations and technology environments more effectively. To perform better and get the best results, we need to take advantage of new technologies that will help businesses recognize a competitive advantage versus just leveling the playing field. Through ongoing training and real-world experience, we ensure that the client keeps up with the latest information technologies and formulate strategies to efficiently implement the technologies that are worth the investment.

Leaving monotony in the dust

In short, T2 Tech Group has been my key to get out of the monotony and become a better engineer. My work within large enterprises seemed more like a routine over the years. I had to perform the same tasks repeatedly, and my scope of learning was limited. I rarely had a chance to think outside of the box and change the traditional way the work was done, and this was not a preferable pace for me.

Now that I’m a consultant, my work is more dynamic. I love to innovative and explore new problems, and at T2 Tech Group, I get to do that. This makes my work exciting and gives me a reason to enjoy what I do. It also gives me inspiration to be proactive and work better. The learning curve here is formidable, and my career growth for the past 14 months has been immense.

The work environment at T2 Tech Group is inspiring and a self-reinforcing one with constant innovation and a fun and stimulating atmosphere. I have come across many opportunities to develop my skills and show what I am capable of. I have also had access to many resources that help one develop their skills, such as opportunities to attend technical training, certification programs and conferences as well as the chance to work with extremely talented people at the top of their field.

The environment is challenging and educational, and it also allows one to take ownership of their own time. We work hard but have flexible work hours, which gives us lots of freedom to invent, create, and innovate. In the end, this freedom and the chance to grow translates to better services for end users, such as clinicians and other professionals who depend on robust information systems. Helping them and seeing the impacts of our coordinated effort and determination is very rewarding.