Much of IT consulting is about trust; our clients engage us because they know we can bring value-driven results by providing advisory services, technology strategy and efficient project management. As a team of subject matter experts frequently brought on to improve IT, it is our responsibility to live up to the level of trust our clients grant us.

As I explained in my a previous post, I worked as the CIO and CTO of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) for over five years prior to joining T2 Tech. At CHLA, I partnered with T2 Tech during the Marion and John E. Anderson Pavilion construction and IT transformation and saw their team could be trusted to provide value while carrying the burden of responsibility that large-scale IT projects in healthcare require.

Just three months after becoming a partner at T2 Tech, I am seeing the company grow as a result of an increasing level of trust in the community, and we are now managing an IT ecosystem transformation at Verity Health System, our biggest project to date.

A major responsibility

Verity Health System was owned by Daughters of Charity and was started by nuns as a charitable endeavor. After years of dealing with insufficient resources, BlueMountain Capital Management took control of Verity’s whole system and brought on T2 Tech as a partner to help transform their IT environment over the next four to five years.

Our general goal in this endeavor is to provide a secure and robust IT infrastructure to enable Verity Health System to be competitive in the market, gain partnerships and ensure continuance of care to the communities served. To achieve this, we need to enhance security in the end-user computing environment, consolidate data center and infrastructure, and provide critical application upgrades. During data center transitions of this nature, it is imperative that the hospitals in the system can keep running and facilitate wellness in the communities they serve.

Delivering value

Firsthand, I have seen the T2 Tech team’s commitment to bringing value as a result of their services. On the Verity Health System project, we brought in our project managers and engineers from around the country to collaborate on a comprehensive strategy. We know we are not in this alone, and we are committed to bringing the team members who have provided quality IT services to Verity Health System for years on board.

Our operational strategy is practical with a detailed project plan to ensure the success of higher priority objectives. To execute the strategy, we will use an agile-based method that will use two-week sprints and daily scrum calls, stress performance testing after sprints, measure success based on the amount of effort required to complete tasks, and allow for reflection between iterations.

This execution method is designed to allow our project managers to coordinate and motivate team efforts our engineers helped architect. When our collaborative work is completed, we expect to have a successful data center migration for a more reliable and cost-efficient IT infrastructure as well as upgraded applications with few disruptions to hospital operations. I am confident we will achieve our outlined objectives, and more importantly, provide benefits for physicians and clinicians, value to other end-users and improved patient outcomes.

To learn more, visit T2 Tech Group’s newsroom and read the T2 Tech Group Revitalizing Verity Health System’s IT Infrastructure press release.