We all know, no business survives over the long term if it can’t reinvent itself; similar change is necessary in careers too. Just a month ago, I began a new venture with T2 Tech Group. I’ve spent my career focused on healthcare IT leadership, strategy and digital transformation of organizations. My experience as the Vice President and CIO at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and then Advanced ICU Care helped me really understand, develop and execute modernized IT strategy.

Healthcare has become a competitive business and the technology in place can be a differentiator. I love being part of that process and building something from the ground up. We’re in the midst of healthcare undergoing substantial changes to keep pace with healthcare reform and the implementation of newer and more intelligent applications. These efforts continue to progress across the full continuum of care today.

I’m excited for my future with T2 Tech. I had the chance to work directly with the team on the other side of table and was impressed. I see T2 Tech Group at a very influential stage – filled with growth, excitement and quality people. I knew by joining T2 Tech’s team, I’d be able to use my experience, work with great partners and continue to have a profound influence in technology. Even more so, I will now have a bigger impact than before by having the opportunity to interact with more organizations across different industries.

Stay tuned for more content. I look to continue to share our experiences with leading organizations across the country that are taking the leap to transform their IT ecosystem.