I’m excited to announce the new branding and logo for T2 Tech Group. This event marks a significant milestone in our journey, providing an opportunity to reflect on everything that the original T2 Technology Group brand stood for and everything that we aspire to become as the newly branded T2 Tech Group.

Our journey so far

Since our founding a decade ago, T2 Tech has tackled difficult technology challenges and transformed IT liabilities into valuable assets for our clients. We’ve become a trusted leader in both technology and talent, delivering client value by improving the IT health of their organizations.

I embarked in this journey with a vision to create the kind of company I worked with when I was the chief technology officer at UCLA Health System – a company that advocates for their clients without bias. Here at T2 Tech, we empower our partners and teammates and pride ourselves in being transparent, supportive, respectful, trustworthy and, most important, results oriented.

The new logo and identity for T2 Tech Group

Behind the new look, we’re still the same supportive company and team. We simply updated our logo to better reflect our company traits and abilities. For instance, we chose a brighter blue from the color wheel because it is meant to emphasize trust and dependability – in sync with our core values.

Like our new logo, our new brand name helps us project what T2 Tech is about. The simplification to T2 Tech Group from T2 Technology Group has been a long time coming and is just another adjustment aligned with our offerings. More specifically, it reflects our goal of simplifying the complexity of IT for our clients, regardless of industry.

These changes also gave us an opportunity to define who we are and to give ourselves the flexibility to evolve alongside the company I started. Like our initiative to update our company image demonstrates, T2 Tech Group is growing and continually extending its innovative IT services to an increasing number of industry-leading partners.

Stay tuned for more

We’re excited to announce our new T2 Tech logo along with an entirely new look for www.t2techgroup.com. This marks the next phase in our journey and a new opportunity to transform and evolve like the ever-changing high-tech industry we deliver on day in and day out. Stay tuned as @KevinBTorf and myself @RobertRKonishi share our experiences at @T2TechGroup.