To be effective, a brand needs to be the core of a business, and it needs to reflect the principles of its team. In our case, T2 Tech prides itself on building trust through consistently delivering value to clients and supporting an environment that attracts highly-skilled IT professionals. This philosophy along with our unique abilities and approaches to IT solutions allowed us to grow to a mid-sized business, and we’re currently seeing expansion at a rapid rate.

As our client base and team grow, we will need to cultivate company values and an accurate reputation among a large network of businesses, healthcare organizations and qualified technologists. Our brand will support our method of delivering value and help us connect with colleagues and business partners in the coming years.

Transforming technology 2 work for your business

To help build our brand, we recently developed a new tagline designed to concisely express our industry standpoint and core values. After many team discussions, our company decided on the tagline “Transforming technology 2 work for your business.” Because a tagline is a highly concentrated expression of who we are as a business, each word was carefully thought out.

Transforming technology: This portion of the tagline explains the type of work we do. Our team facilitates IT infrastructure transformations and gives organizations the framework they need to get the most out of their IT ecosystem. While we’re not a software company, we work with clients and see positive transformations as our clients establish new or more efficient and effective infrastructure, workflows and applications.

The 2 in our tagline: Whether they’re speaking at professional conferences or pushing their physical abilities, our founding partners are driven in all walks of life. When T2 Tech Group was founded, Managing Partner Robert Konishi had just completed an Ironman Triathlon with some of his associates from UCLA Health System. As he has written in The Story Behind the Name, the “T2” in our name refers to “transition 2” in a triathlon, where competitors transition from a 112-mile bike ride to a 26.2-mile run. As a marketer, I wanted to communicate this drive in our tagline.

Technology working for your business: From healthcare or government to retail or hospitality, IT is a major component of business operations. Even when times are tough, the right investments can increase an organization’s bottom line profits or efficiently improve critical services. When organizations outsource IT experts, they’re looking to get major benefits from IT but often need help determining what technology to invest in. Some clients may need to maximize utilization for systems they already have while others may need to purchase something new. With this portion of the tagline, we wanted to demonstrate our ability to help organizations leverage the right technology solution for business needs and overall goals.

The big picture

T2 Tech combines the technical expertise necessary to complete projects end-to-end along with the business acumen needed to manage initiatives for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Beyond that, we’re a personable group that is hands on with clients and will go the extra mile to ensure end-user benefits. Many consulting companies have highly experienced engineers, but our combination of business, technology and people make us unique. As we develop our brand, we will continue to accentuate our company’s differentiating factors and reach out to organizations we know we can make a difference with. To join our team and help expand our brand, view our careers page.