Every team represents a unique entity. Each is comprised of distinctly qualified professionals who bring individual opinions, expectations, judgments, prejudices, and more, to the table.

When engaging your team, it’s important all members check their emotional and intellectual baggage at the door. You need a clean slate. Obtain this by promoting a fresh working environment free of preconceived notions, expectations, and any issues with the potential to sidetrack your project.

Each team member is unique and brings their own perception, experience and potential resistance to your project. How do you create effective team synergy and facilitate a dynamic where everyone feels equal and valued?

From the start, be transparent with your team and establish ground rules where no one should take anything personally. Strive for integrity, excellence and remember the key to you and your team’s success is fostered by the mindset you all have today.

Key Takeaways:

  • From the outset, let members know they are equal partners
  • Help each other to succeed and fail as a team, and encourage a collective ‘one for all, all for one’ mindset
  • Affirm there is no ‘bad’ news or idea, only information
  • Establish that all victories are earned by the entire team