I’m Weston Sleeman, a young professional and an intern working in the T2 Tech office. I have always been interested in the IT world and am enjoying the opportunity to work in a cutting edge environment.
I began programming at age seven and have enjoyed it ever since. Programs I’ve written include the following: the most popular (and only) 7-bit ASCII translator on the Windows store, an intelligent email auto-reply program, a simpler version of Ene (from the Kagerou project) and a four dimensional checkerboard.

I became seriously interested in the world of network security testing at the age of ten and read everything I could get my hands on, including Ethical Hacking for Dummies, The Art of War, Ghost in the Wires and Hands-On Ethical Hacking. Then, I turned to the internet and absorbed everything I could, from ARP poisoning attacks to classic vulnerabilities like MS08-067 netapi.

Upon reaching high school, I decided to try and teach others what I had learned in an effort to learn more myself, so I formed a “hack team” at our school.

Our first competition was CyberPatriot, which is put on every year by the US Air Force Association. After only a few weeks of practice, our team of five (four of which had no prior security experience) placed in the top third of the several thousand schools who competed. We only improved from there and went on (after a few more months of training) to compete in the High School Capture the Flag (HSCTF) competition in which over a thousand teams entered. Both our teams placed in the top hundred.

For me, T2 Tech is a productive next step in my journey to learn more and contribute my skills to end-user needs.

Welcome to T2 Tech

On my first day, I immediately went to work. I have gained valuable knowledge from experienced program managers and get to assess and maintain our local office security using industry standard tools like Splunk and Nessus. Tools that I would never have been exposed to as a normal high school student are now a part of everyday life.

As a fifteen-year-old working directly with multi-blade vCenter installations and high-end production servers every day of the week, the experience I am gaining seems invaluable.

An enriching experience

I have greatly enjoyed my time at T2 Tech and am looking forward to the rest of my time here. Every day I learn something new and reinforce skills that used to just be theoretical knowledge.

I always aspire to be progressively more involved with T2 Tech and enjoy being part of a team that delivers solutions to industry-leading clients. The depth and breadth of the T2 Tech team has left an impact on me, and I have yet to come across anything that hasn’t provided constructive knowledge.