The opportunity for personal development, a dynamic work environment and a successful track record with strong prospects are attributes many professionals seek when looking to join a company.

My past career path was built on the notion of being a contributor in a large, industry-leading organization. As my knowledge level grew and skills refined, I became a technology leader and was responsible for delivering specialty IT solutions and services in a mission-critical healthcare environment.

Eventually, attaining a position with managerial responsibilities was appealing, but it wasn’t until meeting with T2 Tech that I decided to pursue new professional ventures. Their opportunity provided the chance to make a broader impact using all my acquired skills and offered the opportunity to expand my professional, personal and technical experience.

Based on that opportunity, I decided to take the next step in my career path and join their team. With this change, I hope to answer a question I get asked often, “Why leave a large, established, industry-leading organization to join a successful but smaller company?”

Distinguishing myself in the healthcare IT field

I started specializing in many aspects of medical device connectivity with a focus on the Cerner Smart Room suite of applications. After progressing in my roles as a software engineer, a tier three support engineer, and finally, as a technology architect, I gained an immense appreciation for the importance of a successful implementation in a patient care environment.

Gaining experience and achieving success in this challenging specialty, I wanted to expand my knowledge base and learn about other opportunities to have a greater impact in healthcare IT and improved patient care. This is how T2 Tech came into the picture.

T2 Tech provided an opportunity to work with leading healthcare organizations, be more involved with their IT leadership, and participate in strategic implementation planning for large, enterprise IT initiatives. As a member of the T2 Tech team, I could assume more responsibility for ensuring successful project implementations in support of these large, enterprise initiatives.

Making a larger impact

T2 Tech’s strategic partnerships with their clients offered the chance to learn about the various challenges in healthcare technologies, including application migrations, enterprise EHR implementations, and data center relocations. Now that I’ve come on as a senior analyst to help drive the success of these initiatives, I’m looking forward to making an impact on a broader spectrum of healthcare technologies.

Currently, I’m working with a large, interdisciplinary team to develop the enterprise EHR strategy for a five-hospital system and to transition their applications to new redundant data centers. T2 Tech’s vendor agnostic approach and integration with the organization’s other IT infrastructure and cost-saving initiatives will have a significant impact on their strategic objectives and financial bottom line.

This role provides exposure to new professional challenges, such as IT/financial risk assessment, clinician enablement, system integration, implementation resource planning and many more. The work will require significant IT planning, knowledge, and experience; fortunately, I welcome new professional challenges.

New territory

T2 Tech’s largest asset is a highly-skilled, fast-paced and collaborative group of professionals that welcomes new ideas. In an industry where organizations can become complacent and stagnant, their core methodology innovatively incorporates agile-based principles to offer solutions to their client’s strategic IT challenges. By joining their team, I hope to learn about the various aspects of successful IT projects and drive my own success.

They also have a robust client network, which includes organizations such as Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Kootenai Health, Sharp HealthCare and Verity Health System. Coming to this company means a lot of responsibility yet provides a great deal of opportunity. I know this new work environment will be challenging, but professional growth can often demand pushing one’s skills into uncharted territory. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that T2 Tech’s main office is located near Los Angeles beaches and cliff-side seascapes.

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