I feel fortunate to be in a position where I can proudly advance my career in marketing with a company that’s willing to support my personal and professional efforts. We’re currently building a collaborative environment for a prosperous sales and marketing team. And we’ve started to create an even stronger foundation that will help us continue refining our culture and establish an industry-leading brand.

It’s imperative we continue to learn how to effectively manage growth and the inevitable transitions it requires. As Robert Konishi has pointed out in the development of the T2 Tech Group name, we must persevere through the toughest of transitions.

Moving to facilitate growth

In its early years, T2 Tech, like many startups, was comprised of a core of highly-skilled technologists. A small office space was enough to accommodate an initial group that spent much of their time onsite at client facilities, traveling and working remotely. Things have evolved. We’re experiencing a rapid increase of talented team members, a continuously growing client base and the requirements of a larger business. Naturally, this growth has forced us to move to a larger office space.

While coordinating the move, we concluded there was more to our needs than the square feet of our office space. Yes, we needed more work space for our employees, more space for meetings with clients and partners, and a space that’s geographically convenient for travel. But, we also wanted better facilities to further demonstrate T2 Tech Group’s commitment to professionalism and better serving our clients.

The new office facility will be outfitted with technology that will drive the engine of T2 Tech Group’s internal operations and enable our personnel to more efficiently and effectively serve our clients. In addition, the T2 Tech Lab will be housed in an onsite data center facility that will be used as a production environment to stage, configure and test proof of concepts for our clients.

Tying it all together

This move will be a platform to help us better assist our clients, reinforce our company culture and support our rapidly expanding professional team. As I’ve helped manage our upcoming office relocation plans, it’s been important to always have clear and concise communication between team members, departments, clients and vendors. By working together on this expansion project, we’ve already strengthened our collaborative spirit, and we’re ready to get the job done efficiently.

We’ve aligned our office relocation efforts with one of T2 Tech Group’s core values: transparency – both to our clients and internally. And our leadership team has done a great job of clearly outlining our future goals and expectations, making getting ready for this move an easier and more productive process.

For many of our clients, we facilitate data center migrations to prepare them for expansion. As we prepare to transition to a new office, we’re in a similar position. We’re leveraging all our abilities to receive the best value from vendors, keeping in line with our project management principles, communicating effectively and ensuring minimal disruption to business operations. As a company founded on delivering results, efficiently moving will help build morale and mold our brand and team identity. Our leadership continues to invest in the right company initiatives, and we expect this office move to help with employee retention, morale and professional growth to better serve our clients.