On Thursday, September 8th at 11:00 am, I will be hosting a webinar with the HIMSS Southern California Chapter. It will be about pinpointing critical IT security threats and the steps organizations should take to address these critical threats. I will be specifically addressing the following topics:

  • The importance of an IT security assessment
  • How to build an effective framework around your security program
  • The latest threats and how other organizations are handling them
  • How to communicate to your board of directors about security

IT security is a pivotal topic in our current initiatives at T2 Tech. Part of a recent project we are participating in at Verity Health Systems involves collocating their data centers to two facilities – one in Southern California and the other in Northern California. One of the primary benefits of this project is to improve the healthcare organization’s IT security in today’s sensitive environment.

As a previous CTO and CIO, I have seen firsthand how important IT security is in the field of healthcare. Trying to keep up with the latest healthcare applications shouldn’t compromise the integrity of your hospital and patients. It’s important to be proactive, educate your staff and learn from other organizational IT ecosystems. As leaders in this industry, we cannot hesitate when it comes to the security of our environments.

This webinar will be a preview to the 6th Annual Privacy and Security Forum on September 30th. I hope you all tune in, and I look forward to any discussions that will come as a result of this event. Click here to register as space is limited.