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We Get IT Done.

In our new book, Getting the Job Done, we look at the P.R.O.J.E.C.T.S. framework letter by letter. Drawing on T2’s case studies and the 40 years of experience of our founder Kevin Torf, we offer constructive, bite-size hints that can help at any stage of your project, from pre-planning to the after-action review.

Why T2 Tech

Transformation Realized.

T2 Tech realizes the transformational projects that achieve your organization’s strategic objectives with a team of experienced technology consultants. We don’t prescribe a solution to the problem you might have. We assess the problem you do have and discover a solution that aligns with your business strategy. We reimagine and reinvent smarter business by designing solutions with the right mix of technology and processes.

  • Take control of your enterprise with a comprehensive technology assessment that informs the strategy, design, and implementation of your next transformation.
  • Stay on top of your technology transformation with our hybrid agile project management methodology.
  • Empower your workforce with efficient processes and supporting technology to make their job easier.
  • Partner with a trusted team that is vendor-agnostic and loyal to achieving your objectives.
How We Do It

Proven Methodology

As seasoned project managers, we understand the importance of process and governance. That’s why we use a smarter approach to your transformational projects with a trusted hybrid-agile project management methodology.

Our strategic upfront planning ensures our partnership is guided by a framework uniquely designed for the project’s successful delivery on time and on budget. Our flexible approach accounts for roadblocks and enables any obstacle to be overcome without losing sight of the end goal.

Get to Know Our Process

AWS Cloud Solutions

Our team is ready to help you migrate to the cloud with Amazon Web Services.

We manage strategic and complex technology projects for your organization

Cloud and App Migration

Our proven methodology helps organizations migrate applications during a data center relocation. Efficiently build a solid application strategy; validate the strategy through testing; and go-live with minimal business interruption, a minimized project cost, and an optimal result.

Data Center Modernization

Our comprehensive IT assessments can help you build a full picture of what is required for data management. Once you know what is required, we can help you build a budget, timeline and strategic roadmap that will streamline design and implementation.

IT Security

We provide industry-specific security assessments, which take an in-depth look at areas such as PCI and HIPAA compliance. If necessary for your organization, T2 Tech can also assist with single sign-on (SSO) solution planning, designing, and IT implementation processes.

Enterprise Networking

Our skilled technical engineers, project managers, and executive leaders have a proven track record of facilitating and delivering efficient wireless networks for small and large organizations.

The Approach


We provide comprehensive assessments of IT infrastructure and operations, where we evaluate key areas and provide recommendations for improvements. To make sure you only invest in what you need, we tailor each IT assessment to fit your unique requirements.

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The Plan

Strategy & Design

Planning and design culminate in an architecture blueprint, a roadmap, a project plan, a financial schedule and an operational management strategy. Our goal is to make IT a strategic advantage not a cost burden to the organization.

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The Execution


We oversee IT implementations, ensuring business needs are met and operations are not disrupted. Our hands-on approach balances client requirements, budget and time constraints, and an alignment with IT operations.

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Premium Technology Solutions

T2 Tech is your trusted partner, only loyal to achieving your business objectives. That’s why we remain vendor-agnostic -- only recommending a technology or application if it fits your needs, not our financial interest. That’s trust realized.

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Phase 2 Data Center Migration

Sharp embarked on a mission to improve the integrity of their IT environment. To facilitate the critical task of building a more robust infrastructure, the San Diego-based healthcare organization partnered with leading IT advisory and consulting firm T2 Tech™.

Leveraging Sharp’s adept IT team’s skills along with T2 Tech’s effective management staff and methodology, the two organizations efficiently tested failover for Sharp’s key applications without causing any interruption to business.

  • 180

    Hours Saved

  • 292

    Applications Migrated & Configured

  • 37

    Different Teams

  • 400

    Staff Members to Manage

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